Pay for use 4WDing in the Flinders Ranges

Here are some details of a few treks (Most fees as at 2005, fees and details below are subject to change without notice).


A trip to Mt Horrocks is available with spectacular views overlooking the northern Spencer Gulf. Bookings David and Heidi Freeman, (08) 8667 5057.

Arkapena Scenic Adventure

Starts following the foothills of Chace Range and end on the top of the ABC Range. Keys for the trek can be hired from Rawnsley Park Station. About 40km taking 3 hours. The cost is $15.00. Several new tracks have also been opened. The Arkapena contact is Steven Gregory (08) 8648 0034.

Bendleby Ranges

Bendleby Ranges has a range of 4WD trips, varying from 1-5 hours. The scenery and ridge-top views are spectacular. Drive-yourself-tours can be matched to your experience. 4WD up a Hill Tag-along tours, or self-drive tours. Maps supplied. Terrain varies from hills to plains, excellent views towards Lake Frome & Wilpena Pound.


This trek goes to the top of Mt. Caernarvon (932m). It is a full days drive to the second highest self drive accessible peak (923m) in the Flinders. Willows Spring Station is run by Brendan & Carmel Reynolds. Bookings can be made on (08) 8648 0016. Directions are given when the keys for the route are hired, cost $35.00. Camping is also available.

A Pinch of Salt

This tour starts from the Prairie Hotel at Parachilna and goes to Ross & Jane Fargher’s Nilpena Station and then to Lake Torrens. It takes about three hours and costs $30.00 a vehicle. Bookings can be made on (08) 8648 4844 including maps which are available from the hotel.

Oratunga Track

This track is on Ian & Di Fargher’s Angorichina Station east of Blinman. There are two loops, and a day should be set aside to see some of the best country the Flinders has to offer. The cost is $30.00 a vehicle and bookings can be made on 8648 4863.


Run by the Sprigg Family, Arkaroola resort offers some of Australia’s toughest 4W driving. There are a number of self drive treks to various places, there is also a catered tour in 4W drive called the Ridge top tour. All details can be obtained from the resorts visitor Information centre.

Arkaba Station

Run by Dean and Lizzie Rasheed. This trek runs through the hills of Arkaba with views of the Elder Range. Tours start from $30 a vehicle. Bookings on (08) 8648 0048 or (08) 8648 4195.


This trek is well worth the trip, and provides access to Mt. Arden, highest point in the Southern Flinders Ranges (1,000m). The trip to the top is not for the inexperienced or faint hearted. Camping areas are available, (no facilities). Signposts and detailed maps keep you on the trail. The cost is $15.00 per day & bookings can be made by calling Lucy Smart on (08) 8648 6210.

Alpana Station

John & Jan Henery offer two trips. Mt. Samuel is a self drive track which offers a real challenge and covers about 70k. The cost is $45.00 a vehicle. Tag-a-long station tours are also available at $30.00 a vehicle. Bookings can be made on (08) 8648 4864.

Leigh Creek, Aroona Dam

A specially constructed 5.5km walking trail is now a feature of the Aroona Dam Sanctuary near Leigh Creek. The trail traverses wetlands below the dam, mountainous terrain, rocky outcrops, saltbush rangelands and red-gum lined creeks. The sanctuary itself represents 44 sq. km of restored natural Flinders ranges beauty and following a major pest animal and pest plant eradication program, is home to Yellow-footed rock wallabies, other animals and birds, and a vast range of native plant species. (1)

Access off the Birdsville TrackThe old Bethseda Mission, showing a grave stone and Lake Killapaninna which was dry at the time of the photo taken in 1998.

Kalamurina was acquired in December 2007 by the Australian Wildlife Conservancy to become a nature reserve (Kalamurina Sanctuary) for biodiversity conservation and wildlife management. They provide seasonal camping which should be arranged in advance. Tel. Phone: (08) 8675 8310

Etadunna Station allows four wheel driving but seek permission. From Etadunna, there is a 20k track to the old Bethseda Mission, situated on the shores of Lake Killapaninna which fills with water when the Cooper floods. Keys have to be collected from the station and access/camping costs apply. Contact Debbie Graf on (08) 8675 8308.